Monday, November 24, 2008

victorian royalty

Colour : White 
Material : Thick cotton 
Size : fits S - M
Price : RM 45


how often do you come  by a victorian like top?!
with delicate lace details on the collar 

sweetheart neckline

Colour : Pearl white 
Material : Satin
Size : fits S - M
Price : 50 
(shipping & cod free( within pj))


with unique sweetheart neckline like this ! who can resist it :)

Royal Blue tiered dress

on the runway , 

Colour : Royal blue 
Material : Satin 
Size : fits S - M 
Price : RM53
(shipping & cod free( within pj))

for those who like it strapless just tuck the straps in 
or wear it as a halter 
either way its gorgeous :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Candy cane

More Boob tubes 
this time its in pinstripe :)

Colour : Green 
Material : Thick cotton
Size : Freesize (fits s-m)
Price : RM 55


this cutie is perfect for a casual day out 
it has hidden pocket on both side :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Katy Perry inspired

 Peaches & Pixies presents to you yet another 
awesome collection :)
this time it features 
 Boob Tubes 
inspired by KATY PERRY 
it comes in 2 colours 

RED (RESERVED - janet)


Colour : BLACK / RED 
Material : cotton (Good quality )
Size : Free size 
Price : RM50

Ps: postage/COD will be free (within pj) for this item

wear it like agyness :)

checkered love

Colour : Dark blue & white
Material : thick cotton
Size : free size (fits s - m)
Price : RM 55
Ps: postage/COD will be free (within pj) for this item


simply boob tube that goes well with anything :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


hey girlies

regarding this item 
its totally 
we are not restocking anymore .

 So sorry :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ruffles on my top

since ruffled tops are the MUST HAVE
of the season , 
we bring to you 2  in 



its simple and not too over the top !
throw on a pair of shorts with it 
of a pair of high waisted if ur going formal 

Colour : RED / BLACK 
Material : Satin 
Size : S-M ( stretchable at the back ) 
Price : RM 38


cutesy 3 tone

yet again another 3 tone dress 
this time it come in 
2 soft colours 

light pink / purple/white - SOLD 

yellow/brown/beige - SOLD

the adorable dress that is perfect for going casual :)

Colour: Yellow / Pink
Material : Cotton 
Size : fits s -m 
Price : RM30


classy halter

we present you our second part of 


BLACK (PENDING - ee lyn)

a classy halter that comes in Posh colours 
can be worn as a long-top or a dress
either way its to die for 

Colour : GOLD / BLACK 
Material : Satin 
Size : fit UK6 -8 (S- M )
Price : RM40


Sunday, November 16, 2008

posh & sassy

Peaches & pixies loves dresses
simply cos you can wear it anywhere anytime 

we bring you our 
Posh & Sassy Collection :)
with 4 pretty dresses for all occasions 

for girlies who likes halter necks 

 white & pretty in PINK )


those who like them simple 

 Gold & royal purple 

Black & Brown details 

with its elegance and posh touch 
its great for parties or maybe even prom :)

Colour : White / Turquoise/ Gold / Black 
Material : Satin 
Extra details : Pleated in front , stretchable back 
Size : S - M 
Price : RM 40 


all about volume

hey girlies
we're back !!! this time with a whole lotsa stuff 
we will featuring part by part 
so stay tune :) 

for now, 
we bring you 
frilly tops with 2 very unique colour 


Colour : Grey & Navy Blue 
Material : Chiffon (see through)
Size : Fits S-M

Price : RM 40

put on a high waisted for the formal look 
a pair of shorts  for the casual look 
both way carries a BOLD statement :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


hey girlies ,
i wont be around for the weekend to reply your emails
but do sent them in for your orders !!!
i'll try my very best to read them while i'm away

killer heels

Colour : Black with silver base 
Size : 8-9 (vincci)
Height : 5 inch 
price : RM40


every girl needs at lease a black peep toe :) 
now u can have one for only RM40!
how great is that ! 

silver vincci

Colour : Silver 
Brand : Vincci+ (Brand New )
Size : 6 
Price : RM 50 
Original Price :169.90

How cute is the bow at the back ?! totally girlie :)

cili padi

Colour : Red
Size : 40 (vincci 7-8)
Height : around 3  inch (low heel)
Price : RM35

with a colour like that !!! how can you not grab attention ??

polka dotted cutey

Colour : Black & white (polka dotted)
: slightly shinny in front
Size : 38 (fits perfectlly on a Vincci size 6 
Price : RM15 !!! (grab'em fast 1 pair only )


get all preppy with this oh so cute flats 

Flower power

Colour : Brown(tan)
size : 38 ( fits Vincci size 6-7)
Height : Approximately 3.5 inch (low heel)
Price : RM35 

How sweet & pretty ! fits all occasions !

Sunday, November 9, 2008

thanks a bunch

picture credits to Classy & Fabulous :)

Peaches & Pixies would like to thank 
everyone who came and support us at ABSOLUTE BAZAAR 
it was a great experience and definitely a success 
we will definitely do it again :)

do stay tune next week as our stock will be coming in :)

till then, xoxo

Thursday, November 6, 2008

on Break

Peaches & pixies would not be updating till 16th of Nov 
as we are waiting for our stock to arrive 
stay tune for our Christmas Collection !!!!!
we promise you it will be AWESOME :)

at the mean time, do visit us at the ABSOLUTE BAZAAR this sat :)
we can't wait :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

baby doll

Colour : Brown
Material : cotton ( a layer of lining under)
Size : UK6-UK8
Price : RM38